I’m about to become Diamond! Yes! I have accomplished a lot this past year thanks to you and SCS and the work I’ve done personally and professionally because of your guidance. I’m totally in for another year of SCS, I for sure haven’t learned all you have to teach! There’s one area I’m still struggling with, binge eating. I’ve had an eating disorder in one form or another for the large majority of my life. I’ve done the SO program and worked with a protocol but for me it felt like a diet. For me, every restriction eventually leads to a binge. I binge on sugar, carbs and fat. Things that my lower brain believes I “can’t have”. I get that your SO program isn’t for people with eating disorders but I want to transform. What can you suggest to me? I believe my binge eating is a habit that I’ve trained my brain in repeatedly so I have to create new neural pathways. How would you coach me if I didn’t want to create a protocol? Unless I’m bingeing I eat very little sugar and white flour because they don’t feel good in my body but once my brain thinks I “can’t have” something it awakens a compulsive part of it. I see that there are a lot of thoughts here especially around restriction. I starved myself to 89 pounds as a teenager and my experience is that even though I’m nowhere near that, any kind of food control eventually brings up bingeing. Maybe I can deal with this all with thoughtwork? Have you worked with BED clients before? I’m guessing you have. What have you suggested? Please help me.