B- Headshots :)

I recently paid for a photographer to take some portraits of me to use in promoting my work and my business.

The photos are fine, but I don’t love them, so I’m giving them a B- (it is, to a certain extent, my work, since I posed for the photos) and I’m wondering how to approach this from a self-coaching perspective.

I’m aware that love is a feeling caused by a thought, and it would be very convenient and economical for me is to love the photos, so I can use them everywhere with enthusiasm and confidence, and not go through the trouble and expense of a new photo shoot.

Can I just put love in the feeling line, and work my way upward and downward?

C: Headshots
T: I love myself unconditionally, and I can just decide I love these photos unconditionally too (?)
F: Love
A: Use the photos everywhere with enthusiasm and confidence
R: I grow to love the photos (?)

I’d love your help in coming up with alternative thoughts to try on, and the matching result.

As a side question, how do I know whether I want to stick with these photos out of a scarcity or can’t-be-bothered mindset, not wanting to schedule or pay for another shoot?

Do you ever have to manage your thoughts around your own headshots/portraits?

Thank you so much!