B- work gone wrong

Hello there,
Just-turned-Diamond scholar here 🙂
I have made three mistakes at work this week. I am looking back at it and analyzing why they may have happened. It is not that I have never made mistakes, it is concerning that I have three within a week.
One of possibilities/contributors could be me trying to get it done with in the allocated time (self imposed deadline, so that I can increase my productivity). In retrospect, I wanted to have the tasks done within the time I had planned for, so I decided to overlook on details and extra testing. This is unacceptable because it just causes more rework.

My model was below (guessing in retrospect)
c: Doing a task
T: I need to finish it within timeline, so I am not going to test it (not an active thought, but unconscious)
F: Hurry
A: Get it done but don’t do manual tasks like verification/testing
R: I submit incomplete work (C- ?)

I may have used “B-” in the wrong sense here. I am working on defining what B- means to me in terms of my tasks at work, so I can have more clarity next time. But my brain is going into –
There cannot be a B- state that is complete, you need to get it to A.
If I strive for A, I can only produce so much. My productivity will go down.

Please coach me on this, how do you think I should approach this?