B- Work + People Pleasing = Crazy Thoughts!

Hi Brooke,

I used to be a perfectionist and it took me a long time to take action. Through your work, I realized that I can produce B- work and it has helped me take action sooner. For example, it used to take me a half a day to write a blog post because I was trying to make it perfect and so profound; now I can send out a post within an hour that’s pretty good and gets the job done.

However, I recently took a consulting job and have anxiety about making an amazing first impression. I want to produce A+ work but it is taking too long often and also stresses me out.

My question is, would you be okay with B- work from your employees? Should I be okay with that and just not worry about what my company/boss thinks? Should I expect B- work for myself and be okay with that (not caring what others think) or should I set higher expectations from myself and work on the stress part of the equation?