B- work?

Hi Brooke.
1. Thanks for your answer on whether or not drink when I forgot to make a drink plan. I had a feeling you were going to say that. It was so much fun to watch my brain try to rationalize what I knew: No drinking without planning it 24 hours in advance. So I didn’t drink yesterday. Now I want to PLAN non-drink days, do it on purpose. And I can see real progress and change in my thinking. I didn’t judge my brain for those those thoughts of “Oh, it doesn’t matter that I didn’t write it down.” or “You had a plan in your head.” Instead, my reaction to my thoughts was “Oh, there’s my beautiful crafty intelligent brain trying to keep me safe.”

2. In the Techniques for Better Time management post, the poster wrote: “You also said you aim for B- work to get things done in the time alotted which I find very compelling because I am a perfectionist.” Is that true? I hope so because the feeling of weight being lifted off my shoulders was palpable. I burst out laughing from joy! And I thought, If that’s true, then I KNOW I can create a work plan/schedule and stick to it. I can do it with drinking. I can transfer the skill to biz.

3. I’m grateful I don’t need to go back and make up the missed daily downloads and models. It feels like such an act of self-care and love to let it be OK that I missed some days and to recommit to showing up daily from this point forward.

Thanks so much for your work. It’s life changing. Words are not enough.