Bachelor’s Degree Options

This may seem off topic but I have avoided completing my bachelor’s degree due to analysis paralysis over the past ten years. Last year I decided to restart online with a degree plan in Psychology with the idea of being a counselor or coach. Then I learned about you and your work. I love that you also have a degree in Psychology so I wonder if you believe it’s worth it given all of this coaching work. If I want to be a life coach in the future I could just invest my time and money in learning all of your work but society tells me I need a degree. Would my time be better spent earning a Business degree or should I stick with Psychology? Or should I just drop people/society pleasing and keep studying on my own without racking up student loan debt? I agree that any of these paths could be good and right options. You talk a lot about work around making decisions and commitment but I can’t get over the choices! I want to choose one and commit but would love your specific opinion as someone who has gone down one of these paths.