Back to the cave after rejection!


After almost one year plan and unstoppable massive action towards an impossible / very difficult goal in my career (SCS programme supported me very much  and I am so gratefull !) ,
I now have to prepare myself for the rejection of my promotion in a better position.

C – Other people

T – I find it very hard to accept the rejection of my promotion-to be announced soon.
I believe I am a very good fit for that position but the competition was very hard. ( we are 12 candidates , some of them colleagues for many years).

F – Very sad, heartbroken, shame for my failure

A –I blame myself, sometimes I regret for my hard preparation and energy I gave to that goal. I want to return back to my safe place and not ask for better position.

R – I go back to my cave after the rejection

C– Other people

T – They decided I was not the right person for the position and that’ s ok. I support and honor myself for my strong committement to my goal regardless the result.

F –

A – I put new goals …

R – I support myself towards a better version of me

I appreciate your help to choose the better strategy to manage the situation.

Thank you very much.