Back to work! new protocol?

I am a 34 almost 35 years old female 5’7 tall and 174lbs. I want to reach and stay at 136lbs. My protocol for the last 3 weeks has been lunch at 12ish and dinner at 6ish. Lunch is 3.5oz of protein, vege to my hearts content and 1 tbsp of fat. Dinner is the same but 5oz to 6oz of protein instead.
I am fairly active and do some weight training 3 to 5 times a week, however I am due to start working again after an extended maternity leave and I have decided to park the gym at least for the 1st month until I know better how We will balance family life and work responsibilities.
The weight loss is going well, however I wonder if I should be doing adjustments to my protocol to allow for the upcoming lack of physical activity? Should I be prepared to put back on some weight?
Ps: I don’t think I am fat adapted yet as I still wake up hungry! And would I ever stop dreaming pizza?
Thank you x