Hi Brooke,
First off, I don’t know how you do it but every time I come to the coaching calls your advice is so applicable to me – its like you are looking right at me and telling me like it is – I get so much from the calls every time!
I was hoping you would share more about how you became a life coach and the journey you have had. I know you lost your extra weight and that seemed to be the precursor to becoming a coach but interested to know where you studied coaching, what type of coaching you did (niche), how you got your first client, how long it took for you to get the business to a place where it was profitable, lessons and mistakes you learnt along the way, why you went into training coaches and then why you have come back to more of a single focus on coaching but online. Million questions I know! I have googled! Just love to know more and learn from your experiences and journey.
Thanks for your time. Love