Backsliding and Never-ending Circumstance

I am working hard on examining my thoughts about the way my daughter acts towards me. I’m trying to shift away from “it is hurtful and sad” to “this is just the way it is right now.” But I can’t seem to get out of the loop of feeling hurtful, especially when I’m tired.

I’m just so tired of working on this. I want our relationship to be easy and normal. I’m tired of the constant fight. Some days I want to give up and stop caring altogether.

C – daughter said goodbye and waved me out of the room when I was talking to her.
T – I don’t understand why she is so rude to me.
F – disappointed / angry
A – told her not to wave me away, told her she was rude, told her that in the future I don’t want her to do that to me again, wonder why she is like this with me, think about the past when she wasn’t like this, assume that I did something to cause this awful behavior.
R – nothing changes between us.