Bad Day

Hi Brooke!
Just wanted to jump on here and ask you about the homework for week 4. I am indulging big time in not feeling good enough in all areas of my life and I know it’s normal to have a bad day and to feel the feelings but I’m feeling really lost. When I wrote down my obstacle of not feeling good enough I didn’t know what my strategy should be to overcome it. Do I just run models on why and see what comes up. Whenever I sit down to make a plan to propel my business forward I get “stuck” because I need to use social media to market myself and get the right “followers” so they can come and sit in my chair (I’m a hairstylist). I just do not know where to begin with that. I’ve come a long way in my career and am getting better all the time but today I had a cancellation which totally bummed me out! She is a new client who was recommended to me and the problem is that I’m feeling desperate because my books aren’t full this week and I was really looking forward to meeting her. Why is it that even after all the great new clients I’ve been seeing lately and the great work I’ve been doing, it only takes one stupid cancellation to push me back down again??

Thanks so much!!!