Bad effect after weighing myself

Hi Brooke
I have had alot of success since i started this program 6 months ago. The first 3 months were a process of going thru the river of misery,giving up snacking,etc but the last 3 months i have been following my protocol and had not binged. People have been commenting like crazy that i lost weight so i decided to weigh myself. Well i lost 15 lbs in 3 months and i was shocked and happy. But over the next week i started to feel uncomfortable….people commenting and the feeling that ……well i lost 15 lbs…now i can loosen up a bit and allow myself a binge….and i have for the last 2 weeks since i weighed myself been having massive binges. I think its a combo of thinking i can let up on protocol because i feel the 15 lbs is good enough, also i started to become uncomfortable with people complimenting me….like i reached a higher self and i wanted to run back to the other self.
Also i have been stagnant with my impossible goal…im very scared to take action …i was close to taking action because i wasnt using food to buffer but it looks like i ran back to safety….my question is:should i NOT weigh myself again because it seemed to trigger me Or should i continue to weigh myself and work thru the feelings/conflicts….thank u