Bad haircut

Hi, I went for a haircut and she trimmed my hair but I said the little wisps at the back always got left out of the cut and could she make sure she got them. When I got home and lifted my hair she created a full back bang! So frustrated and disappointed. Woke up last night thinking about it. I know I cant undo it, but why did I get a cut? I’m in regret as well. Trying the model something like this:

C: haircut not how I wanted it, bang at the back of my neck
T: thinking I made a mistake by going to her, thought she understood me, trusted her, thinking I feel ugly, why did I touch my hair to begin with!? Its summer and I wont be able to wear a cute bun without seeing this back bang
F: regret ,sad ,anger,disappointment
A: sit and wait to grow out, try not to think about it ,think of all the good in my life
R: my hair grows back

Can you help me come up with a better thought and action? Or am I on the right track? I want to shake this sick to my stomach feeling.