Bad smells, poor housekeeping

We’re staying at a family member’s house for a week and she’s a poor housekeeper. This is a fact because it’s messy, there are smells under the kitchen sink when I put trash in the can and there is a urine smell in her living room carpet and outside on the deck in the rug under the patio furniture there. She has two dogs who have recently been house trained. The smells literally make me hold my breath at times and be careful on the inhale. I don’t want to focus on these things because she’s a wonderful person but it’s hard to take. Here are an Intentional Model and an Unintentional Model I’ve done today on them but I don’t know that they’re helpful.

C: We’re staying at ___________’s house for a week.
T: There are bad smells in this place.
F: Grossed out.
A: I focus on them, I’m bugged about them, I physically hold my breath
R: I notice the bad smells.

C: We’re staying at ___________’s house for a week.
T: There are bad smells in this place.
F: Neutral. (??)
A: Don’t pay attention to them, focus on something else, let them pass, focus on all the lovely surroundings in this environment/city instead, appreciate and focus on her company and how fun she is to be with instead, let it go.
R: ______________________ (I don’t know what to put here because I’m having a hard time sticking with the action line).

AND – I’m compounding the issue by feeling like shit for being persnickety about the messes and the smells. She notices the condition of the house (which is a beautiful, high end home, btw) because she’ll make comments like, “Oh I should have cleaned the floor, or I need to spray this patio down -there’s a urine smell, and, I could clean this up but life’s too short.”).

Any suggestions for getting to a better place emotionally with this and better, more loving thoughts – without denying the reality?