Bad Timing

C $20k tax bill
T I need to get a job ASAP to pay for this
F Overwhelmed
A Apply for jobs I really don’t want (one or two I wouldn’t mind as I would be a life coach), don’t focus on making money as a life coach, freak out about being 7 months pregnant and not being able to take a proper maternity leave.
R Get a job

C Getting a job
T I’m 7 months pregnant and won’t be able to take a proper maternity leave
F anxious
A apply for jobs out of scarcity, not tell people I’m pregnant, worry about the future
R I’m 7 months pregnant

I keep asking myself why would someone want to hire me, get me into their training/trained, for me to step away for a few weeks?

I think back to when I had employees. If someone like me came in to get hired, I would think about how difficult that would be to hire, train, then find someone to replace that person, to be unsure of the future of that employee.

For me, I know I would be back and as a virtual position I wouldn’t mind coming back within 2-3 weeks part time.

I 100% wouldn’t get a job now if I didn’t have the tax bill due.

Technically, my husband has the money for the tax bill in our bank account. He earned it though so I don’t feel right taking it for my mistake. This is something I was told to look into more during my private 1:1 yesterday, but it’s still fresh and that is still my thought about it.

Ideally,  I’d like to get hired as a coach, be able to take the 2-3 weeks off with no issues, and keep going from there like it’s no big deal. Most coaching places have enough coaches where I would be able to be covered for those few weeks.

I am just so scared for this tax bill (mainly because I don’t want the IRS taking our money and my husband being mad/disappointed in me).

He knows exactly how I feel about it, but today he was told he may be laid off and not have work for a while. He’s a union worker so his union will help him find another job and I’m pretty sure he won’t even have one day off in between the two. But he’s still overwhelmed that this is all happening at once.

We have money in our account for all of this plus some.

If it were just ME or if I truly felt like the money was “ours”, I’d pay the whole tax bill off and be done with it and move forward with my life coaching business.

I’m just overwhelmed and want to be able to focus on my baby.