Is it bad to wear ear plugs?

Hi again- weird question for you. I think I have mentioned that my autistic son tantrums and when he tantrums I have noticed there are a few things that seem almost a trigger. One is hitting me in the face. I recognized this some time ago and position myself often to avoid this possibility. The other is screaming- loud. Loud like someone is going to get killed. Or someone is killing him. I actually measured how loud he screams and it is 106 dB. Damage starts occurring in the 70-80 range. I started paying attention and noticed that my ears physically hurt when he screams this loud. I have always tried to think of what I can control in this situation such as playing calm music which helps sometimes… but there are other times. So I came up with the ear plugs idea. Yesterday was beautiful. I know there is the thought that leads to the feeling and the action. But the scream is SO loud, SO ear piercing, SO guttural (not sure if that is a word) and maybe I have worked it up so much I feel like I barely have a millisecond to react. I have been working to try to change my thought… but things just seemed to work better yesterday with ear plugs. I am thinking at least until I get some non-traumatic experience with his screaming or we are able to work through some issues he is going through right now (he is not very verbal so he cannot really tell me). Anyway- does that make sense? Is it ok? Most of us autistic parents talk about feeling bad for flinching when our child comes at us… even if they don’t hit us. So I feel kind of bad wearing ear plugs, but I don’t know what else to do. Thanks.