My Badass 87 year old self

Hey Brooke,
I have been in communication with my AMAZINGLY wonderful badass 87 year old self. She feels so real, like a mentor crone from beyond, but someone I know well, very well, and trust completely. Just as you said happened to you, she is not at all invested in worry or fear. She is an open delight and all about letting go. And, the letting go begins with letting go of the question HOW? My 67 year old self seems invested in “tell me the plan exactly, step by step, don’t leave one tiny detail out”. So interesting, how letting go of the how seems like it would be so hard to do, (I know, that’s a thought) but it is in the letting go that all that I need to know will be revealed (that is what is being communicated) in fact, that will be a lot of my life work: my doing that will help others and will be how I am cared for always.
It all sounds so esoteric from here, but in my gut it feels so right and real. Thoughts?