Balancing Passive and Massive Action

Hi Brooke,

I’m on my second month here at SCS. There was a lot of passive action happening for me to learn about the model, etc. but now I have a cadence to my schedule. Every morning, I write in my monthly workbook (30 minutes) and then in the evenings after dinner I spend 1 hour on SCS work going through the Stop Over Eating course or the podcast guide (on Thursday nights). Then I read the If I’m so Smart why Can’t I lose Weight book and do the exercise and before bed I look at the next day and plan for what I will eat, workout, etc. This is pretty much my day. I’ve removed everything off my calendar in the evenings and mornings to focus on my goal of losing 7 – 10lbs. So far I’ve lost 5lbs.

I’m trying to figure out am I spending too much time consuming vs creating? Is it common to spend so much time on SCS or will this get lighter as I get more familiar with the tools? The other piece is that I’m obsess with this work and love spending time doing it.