Band Woes

Issue: I really want to quit my position on the high school band booster board.  Concern: Will I ruin my reputation in doing so?  I will leave some good people stranded.  I feel upset.  I haven’t shared my concerns of poor board protocol, fiscally irresponsible use of funds, high stakes of disappointing kids again, and missed opportunity of a life lesson for the kids based on some rogue decisions two board members and the directors made without board input of vote.  Due to COVID none of my kids are in band anymore because this past week as we found we could not logistically make it work for us with our choice of digital schooling.
The board is like a runaway train.  Parents are afraid to state their own opinions because of fear their kids will be penalized for their non-support of the items below  all which are against my operating principals of protocol, parent inclusion and lack of board discussion or votes.
1. They tell kids first what the “new” plan is without seeking a survey of whether parents really want that to be an option.
2. They are asking for parent volunteers for events that will bring in many districts, even though ALL regional competitions were canceled due to the pandemic.
3. They are renting an NFL stadium in another state so the kids could perform just for their parents since the national competition normally held there has been canceled. $$$; which the money for which will be forfeited if we cannot travel due to district COVID limitations.
4. They want us to run 2 more fundraisers this year because they will be in the hole for next year due to inability to host 2 competitions as normal.
I’ve tee’d up the car raffle though more needs to be done and I cannot muster the motivation to do it anymore. I’m not normally a quitter but now I don’t even have kids in the programs.

C: I am the VP of Fundraising for Band Boosters
T: I have a commitment I should/am supposed to honor; I don’t agree with the band’s use of funds and disregard of pandemic changes; I want nothing more than to quit
F: Resentment
A: I have an acidic stomach/esophagus, I don’t  research printers for the car raffle, I’m wasting time over how I’m feeling about this, hear from/talk to some parents about this conduct.
R: We could be behind launching the car raffle; though cookie dough sale details are being discussed and planned for should school be shut down for COVID again during distribution.
I don’t feel like I can give myself permission to resign even though my circumstances have changed. WHY?  I’m not a quitter, but this is a volunteer position for my kids activity of which none of my kids are now involved.  I think I’m looking for permission to do what I want to do and don’t know why.