Barter Coaching Services

I’m a fairly new coach and I just signed on a new paid coaching client and I made the decision to agree to bartering for services after the first session which she paid for. I was actually the one to suggest it in a very spontaneous moment because I know we can help each other. I felt really good about it but then after our session ended I felt kind of funny inside because I second guessed doing this and maybe I should’ve asked for the money instead because even though I know she can help me in a different area that I’m not an expert in, I feel that I may have inadvertently devalued my own coaching expertise by suggesting that we barter. I’m not sure why this is messing with my head because I know we can take benefit reach other, and I’m worried that maybe I’m putting too much emphasis on having the money and worried a little that I’m working for “free.” Any advice on how to clean up my thinking would help. Thanks!