Based on the model, is having emotions ok?

I’ve invested in personal development in the past and it has completely transformed my life for the best and I still want to continue to grow and evolve and achieve new goals – that’s why I am here. One of the things that has helped me the most is accepting my emotions, not judging them, becoming more in-tune with them, feeling them, knowing that they have a beginning, middle and an end – this has helped me so much (healed my eating disorder, grew my career, improved my marriage), that for me today feeling my emotions is a reminder that I am alive and living fully. I can differentiate between being highjacked by an emotion (negative thinking cycle) and simply experiencing the emotion (crying, reaching out for a hug, etc). I know that what Brooke explains in the model that our thoughts create our emotions is true but for some reason as I dive deeper with the model it seems as if having emotions that are uncomfortable (sadness, fear, anger) is not ok and we should change our thoughts. How do you reconcile the model with acknowledging and accepting our emotions as living fully?