Battling Procrastination

Hello Brooke or whomever is answering!

I recently joined SCS and will begin my classes on March 1st. I was listening to podcast #44 ‘A Year of Self-Coaching’ and you were answering a question from Wesley (I think that was his name), regarding how to construct a plan to apply your teaching to his life. I really found value in that podcast because I hadn’t realized I needed that questioned answered until you answered it for someone else. Funny how that happens!
My question is, since one of the challenges I face is procrastination, I feel as though that’s more of an “umbrella” type of challenge. I think there must be something that’s more laser-focused to set a “90 day goal w/2 week increments” practice. Does that question make sense? I just feel that “procrastination” is too vague. Or maybe it’s not too vague and I’m just thinking it is. Any clarity would be greatly appreciated because I think the procrastination issue spiders into other areas that would improve if I tackled it. Thank in advance!