Be the Change…

It’s funny. I think I finally “get” the Gandhi quote that says “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. In the last year, I stopped drinking and fixed my stress-eating – and I’ve been in a much better headspace consistently. Life is easier and less stressful.

I made these changes with no pronouncements. I just did the work quietly without really mentioning it to anyone.

In the last year, though, my partner went from drinking every day (with me)… to almost quitting completely. I’ve never made one comment about his drinking – but as I tapered off, he automatically did too.

I got on an intermittent fasting protocol. Again, no mention of it to him. I just ate every day on my protocol. Oddly, now he’s on the same intermittent fasting protocol – and even cooks the meals. He’s lost weight and has a ton more energy.

Since I’ve started feeling my feelings and doing models on my thoughts – I’m just in a more positive place consistently. No mention of what I’m doing to anyone. Then recently, my 14 year old daughter told me… “I want to be more like you. I want to think more positive thoughts.” So I’ve given her some resources to check out – and see that she’s now posting very positive quotes and affirmations on her Instagram account.

I’ve never asked anyone to change. But oddly, when I changed, they changed, too. I’m loving that they’re making changes that are giving them positive results – and I’m their biggest cheerleader.

But what’s even more interesting is that when I changed, I no longer needed them to change. How funny that before this work everyone was so wrong and needed fixing … but when I got right with myself, everyone is already so great and needs no fixing. Seeing them enjoy their positive results is awesome – but I finally see them as “just great” right where they’re at – wherever they’re at each moment. 🙂

How amazing that once I stopped trying to fix everyone and everything “out there” and focused on the work of myself – all of the out there appears perfectly fine.

I just thought this was an interesting observation for this sunny morning! Thanks, Brooke! 😀