Be The Example – Husband Smoking

I’m so excited to share that being the example really does work in inspiring other to change their lives. I’ve been doing the urge jar program for about 2.5 months and lost 10kg. My husband has witnessed all of this and how I’ve changed emotionally, I’m exercising, eating well and just generally happier with my life. I talk about what I’m doing and the concept of allowing urges and the ways ‘we’ (society in general) buffer our emotions to not feel them and how I do that with food. My husband does it with smoking, drinking, his phone, porn – the works!! Haha but the cogs have started turning. I suggested he try the urge jar for quitting smoking (which he is constantly attempting and failing at) and he shrugged it off. Now 2 months later he tells me today that he’s starting an urge jar but with dollar coins instead of beads. Every cigarette costs about $1.20 so he’s going to put a dollar in his jar every time he allows and urge to smoke and doesn’t. Then he can buy something he wants when it’s full! I know it’s a tweak on the original concept but he came up with it for how his brain works so will have more chance of working for him. How good is that!! We are going to listen to the podcast on urges today so hopefully he gets the difference between allowing and resisting urges. He’s also talking about reducing his sugar (very high) intake and having a break from alcohol. I’m a tad concerned about stopping so much buffering at once and the stuff that will come up for him but he’s also going to start exercising to help. Hopefully I can support him with allowing the urges and expecting to feel miserable! Any other tips??