Beating myself up

Being mean to myself because my back is acting up and had to take a day off work.

C – back pain, stayed home from work
T – my back hurts because I’m out of shape and very overweight/ if you weren’t so lazy this wouldn’t be happening
F – hopeless/self pity
A – give up trying to exercise/lose weight again
R – still out of shape, prone to back injury

C – same
T – I’ve got to fix this!!
F – desperate
A – go too gung ho
R – end up reinjuring or hurting myself even more

C – same
T – I need to take care of my body today
F – resignation, as in “ok, you have back issues, can’t erase that but you can take really good care of yourself today”. Might be a better word than resignation?
A – give myself permission to rest and take care of my body without beating myself up
R – back gets better, more opportunity to experiment with what works for me