Beating myself up


I would love some help on why we replay thoughts over and over again? I cried during a workshop that we were conducting at work during a team building exercise. I keep replaying the scene over and over again and thinking that it was so unprofessional and that now people have a certain impression of me.
C: Cried during a workshop at work
T: It was unprofessional and showed poor leadership
F: Ashamed
A: Dwell, beat myself up, keep thinking about it
R: Not leading my brain

C: Cried during a workshop at work
T: It happened the way it was supposed to
F: Resigned
A: Sit in the feeling, do nothing (there’s nothing to do)
R: Let the urge happen?

Ok, these are my models but unfortunately, I don’t feel any better. Is this an instance of 50/50 where I just have to feel bad about myself?