Beating myself up – all work goes down the drain

Hi Brooke and coaches,
My belief for this month is – I have eliminated , procrastination, stress and overwhelm.
This morning I woke up with so much regret and hatred.
My thoughts were
I don’t love all the photos from my sons birthday party
I paid a lot to the photographer but the photos ended up just looking ok
I’m looking old in those pics
I look so much cuter but the pics don’t justify that

It’s been a pattern that my brain finds things that didn’t go well after a big event and I end up in spinning thoughts and regret. I’m just sooooo done with this pattern. Everyone including my husband tells me i looked fantastic in the party. I believed it during the party. But once the pictures came out I stopped believing it.

I am creating stress visibily here completely breaking the belief I’m working on.
My mind just doesn’t wanna stop. I feel my 7 months of sincere scholar work is going down the drain. I know you say it’s all my thoughts, I just continue thinking them somehow….