Become a Mindful eater

I have been trying to eat slowly and stay present with my food for a long time. I read books and gained knowledge, but the habit of eating mindlessly is well-practiced for my entire life, and it has been a challenging one to break free from.

Today I came up with my why and why not. I asked myself for each of them, do I like my reasons?

I tried previously to make an intentional model about it, it works for one meal, and then it is out of the window.

What can I do from here to help me with changing this habit?

How to become a mindful eater who chews the food?
Why do you want to be?
– I want to enjoy the taste and chew it well so I can absorb the nutrients
– When I chew well and eat slowly, I feel calm
– If I am satisfied with my meal, I won’t go eat again and again

Why haven’t you?
– I have been eating fast for so long, so sometimes it is unconscious
– When I try to chew slowly, I get bored
– Sometimes I feel more satisfied when I eat fast as my brain wants because I think I tell myself it is more delicious if I have more of it in my mouth.
– Yeah, the main thing is I don’t enjoy eating slowly.