Becoming a coach

I listened to the podcast about coaches that work for the Life Coach School twice today. It was powerful. I am thinking about certifying as a coach but I have a lot of negative thoughts that prevent me to do it. Those thoughts result in inaction.
My thoughts include:
1. I am working full time and I don’t have time to be able to do the coach certification. I am also not certain that I can coach other people since I have so many “issues” in my life that I try to work on. I know that in order to be a life coach you don’t have to have a perfect life and that if somebody has a perfect life they may not understand why other people have issues and can’t just “snap” out of it.
2. I am a male and I am 54 y/o. I will not be able to find clients who I can coach since most of the clients are female and they would prefer a female coach. In that case I would invest a lot of money with no return. I am not looking for a return on the money but it seems like a large investment if there is no money return.
3. I am overweight. I did the program on scholars on weight loss and lost weight and then gained it back in the last 6 months since COVID started. I would like to be a weight coach but I don’t see how I can help other people lose weight if I am not able to lose the weight and keep it off myself. My thought is that clients would only want a coach who is thin (preferably somebody who was overweight and was able to successfully take the weight off and keep it off).
4. At the same time, I can’t think of a more rewarding experience to help somebody else lose weight since weight issues are such an all encompassing part of my life. Is it possible to not be able to lose the weight yourself and struggle with it and at the same time be able to help other people? I understand how challenging weight loss issues are and how much of a stigma there is for being overweight.
5. When I do the self coaching scholars sessions, I am actually surprised each time that I do the self coaching how much I feel that the coaches seem to completely pay attention to my issue that I bring on and can help me put things in perspective.  I find that the self coaching sessions have helped me so much. I have let go of so many of my negative beliefs through the self coaching scholar session. I think the concept is called HOLDING SPACE and it is supposed to let go of all of our preconceptions about the person we are trying to help. I don’t understand how somebody can acquire that. Most people that I know have so many preconceptions.

Just wanted to share my thoughts. I sometimes think that I buffer with listening to the podcast and all the programs on the self coaching scholars but I find them so fascinating and thought provoking.

How does one get over some of the negative thoughts and pursue what they want to do? When I was younger I believed that I could do anything. Now I believe that the best thing for me is to appreciate what I accomplished and hold on to it as long as I can.