Becoming a Life Coach Fast Part 2

I asked a question a little over a week ago “BECOMING A LIFE COACH FAST” and this was the response:
Notice your thought: “I know practicing and taking a coaching training could help boost that confidence.” What if you’re wrong about that?

Take a look.

We know that confidence is an emotion. It goes in the F line of the model. Practice coaching sessions and coach training would both go in the C line. We know that circumstances are neutral and don’t cause feelings, right? Remember, it’s the thought you have that causes confidence or not. So ask yourself, what are you thinking about yourself as a coach? That answer will help you see, right away, why you aren’t feeling as confident as you’d like to be.

Do so more reflecting on what preventing you from believing thoughts like, “I’m great at this. I could help a lot of people and being paid for helping people is AWESOME!”?

Spending more time sorting out the thoughts that come up in that answer will serve you better than focusing on any particular action. When you find useful thoughts, the next best action will be obvious.

I did this and came up with “I’m not trained enough.” “I don’t know enough” “I don’t know where to start” etc basically boiling down to “Im not good enough.” Which I think is one of my “stories” I tell myself about just about anything (and ironically have criticized a lot of other things in my life outside of me as not being enough… money… fun.. love.. perfectionistic). This comes up a lot for me, I think it’s one of those things I just tell my brain “I hear you. I see what you’re trying to do here” and keep going forward, but some days I really believe that!

I’ve been still producing instagram and youtube videos with the knowledge that I do have, but I want to boost the amount of people that they are reaching because I am not seeing that many people are seeing my content. Which of course brings up my thought “if people aren’t seeing my content, no one will find me therefore no one will hire me as a life coach.” And makes me think I need to learn better how to utilize these platforms, but I don’t know how to fit that into my schedule, even using monday hour one.