Becoming a Life Coach FAST!!!!!

I’m currently sitting with some thoughts I had come up about the current situation. I had considered being a life coach before and believe the industry is going to be booming right now and found myself wishing I had started two years ago when my friend started training. So I decided to take a look at why I wished that and see what thoughts come up. I had things like “I’m going to miss out. I have to hurry up and get confident now or I’m not going to be good at coaching and I’ll miss this huge opportunity to make lots of money. If I had started 2 years ago, I’d be ready now. It’s going to take time for me to develop confidence and I need to be confident now” haha. So I did a model:

C- Corona Virus created opportunity for coaching
T- I’m going to miss out if I don’t get confident now and get my coaching business off the ground
F- worried, anxious, rushed
A- Get mad at myself for not being confident or having started working on this earlier
R- feel less confident (b/c I’m mad at myself and therefore beating myself up) and potentially eventually give up.. ergo no coaching business.

I love this. I think I’m getting better at catching things like this and this was helpful. I’m still working on encouraging posts and trying to reach out to people and let them know I’m here to help, despite some lashback from others. Which is another model in and of itself..

But NOW I’m trying to work on an intentional model and I’ve gotten stuck. I have put “paying clients” in my results line and I know that I need to feel confident in my abilities in order to attract paying clients, but I’m struggling with the “action” line here. I also think in order to have confidence, I need to think “I’m great at this. I could help a lot of people and being paid for helping people is AWESOME!” Which I don’t believe just yet. I know practicing and taking a coaching training could help boost that confidence, but that brings up a whole nother model about money because I currently do not have $15k without a loan. Or really even $3k for a cheaper training course. But I’ve also learned from Stacey that I don’t HAVE to be certified or trained to be a life coach so I’m trying to remember that as well. I could use some guidance on all of the above and some suggestions, but the action line I’m completely blank on what to put for my intentional model.