Becoming a Coach – Corporate vs. Self Start-up

Hi Brooke! Loving March so far. In my last question, I asked about picking a next goal and you recommended choosing something that was more of a measurable/achievable result. I know I have been avoiding tackling one of my biggest goals – becoming a full-time coach. So, maybe that’s the goal I should pick – because it definitely makes me uncomfortable to think about! When I did the new beliefs worksheet on March 1, it was about believing that I could be a coach.

How specific/incremental should my goal around this be?

Also, there are two different directions I can go with this goal and I want to get your thoughts…

Option 1: I can try to start a side business while staying in my current job. I want to keep my current job for the time being because I’m the financial provider for my family and like the income security it provides. My long-term goal would be to quit my current job and coach full-time. I started going down this route last fall, but was nervous about asking my management for permission to do a side job (which I need to do) and wasn’t fully committed either.

Option 2: I can try to morph my role at work into a coaching role (I lead a practice of 100+ employees at a consulting firm). I was thinking of polling the group for feedback on what topics they’d like help on (work/life balance, dealing with difficult colleagues, etc.) and then doing a series of group trainings on those – it would be completely optional for people to attend based on their interest. I was also thinking that I could offer a number of individual coaching slots for people to work with me one on one.

In all of this, I would plan to reference your podcasts / give you credit for ideas that I got from you (hope that’s OK in a business setting?).

Option 2 is appealing because I’m already spending time at my day job, so why not try to use more of that time to practice coaching? However I’m worried that I will lose my true goal of becoming a full-time coach if I go this route. I’m also not sure what the dynamic would be like to try and coach people while also being their “boss.” With either option, I’d still like to have my own coaching business long-term vs. staying at my current corporate job.

Thanks for all of your help – I LOVE the Ask Brooke feature of this program!