Bedtime Frustrations

I went through a model in 1:1 coaching but didn’t have enough time to focus on next steps. I have 3 little girls and bedtime has become extremely stressful, they fight and are too energetic and the time it takes to get through the bedtime routine ends up taking longer than I think it should. There are a few models I’ve put together because there are a lot of thoughts/feelings that come from the situation.

Model 1 is:

C – Children say words to each other
T – They shouldn’t be doing that
F – Frustrated
A – Scold, yell
R – Everyone get’s upset, doesn’t make bedtime go faster

Model 2 is:
C – Children are not in bed by bedtime
T – They are cutting into the time I need to do things so I can get to bed on time
F – Frustrated
A – Scold / yell
R – Everyone’s upset, bedtime doesn’t go faster

In my 1:1 coaching, she was very helpful asking me questions that led me to some possible solutions including approaching bedtime as an experiment each night, and letting the children come up with ways to work our routine so that they enjoy it.

I am absolutely seeing that I can change my thought but I’m not sure where else to go from here. Do I create a new model starting with the result I want?