Bedtime Model Thoughts | DMWC

Hi! Could I get your thoughts on my models?


C – Bedtime, but still have things to be done.
T – I need to __________. If I don’t do it now it won’t get done. And getting it done will save me time tomorrow. I can function on less sleep.
F – Resolved
A – Do all the things (i.e., plan tomorrow, journal favorite parts of my day, fill water, etc.)
R – No change in mindset. Not sticking to my plan. Still something I need to do…get to sleep earlier so I get enough sleep (cause I still get up at 4:50 AM regardless of when I go to bed).


C – Bedtime, but still have things to be done.
T – Oh well! It’s time for bed. I will plan time to do it tomorrow if it’s truly important to me or I will just let it go. I need my sleep.
F – Acceptance
A – Feel what I’m feeling about wanting to stay up to do all the things I didn’t make happen earlier in the day. Resolve to make time to do them earlier going forward. Go to bed when planned.
R – Get the sleep I need. Build trust with myself. Carve out time to do these things I really want to do earlier in my day – let not being able to do them drive me to get them done sooner.

Do you have any other thoughts / feelings that may help me? I know insisting on bedtime and not letting it be an option worked for me for a brief period of time (“I’m going to bed. It’s not an option.” –> Insistence ) But I have a hard time getting to that thought…insistence goes the other way – insisting on doing all the things. LOL.