We have been fighting with sleeping issues with our 3 year old and I haven’t been able to allow it to be what it is and I have been trying to control the situation quite a bit, “making” her go to bed and getting mad at my husband if he doesn’t follow my time schedule. We sat down and came up with a new plan to try for 2 weeks to see if it works for her and our work schedule and I decided to run model on it tonight. However, my results that I’m coming up with aren’t about me…. please help

C- 3 Year old-no naps, bedtime 8pm
T- That is not enough sleep for her
F- Worried, concerned
A- control her and become crazy lady
R- She feeds off my energy and becomes more worked up going to bed even later than 8pm


C-Zoe, no nap bedtime 8pm
T- She is getting as much sleep as she is supposed to right now
F- relaxed
A- calm tone with her and hubs
R- Don’t try to control her