Before/After for Getting Married

I’m really trying to apply a concept Brooke shared on the before/after models. The circumstance is meeting my soulmate and getting married. I’ve been getting stuck because I can only be responsible for how I show up (not the man, and not God and His divine timing). Please help me see any thought errors.

C: Dating
T: The men I’m meeting are never the right one!
F: Discouraged
A: stop/start, sometimes avoid, ruminate (will it ever happen for me)
R: I never meet the right one

C: dating
T: No matter how many wrong men I meet, there’s still ONE right man and I will meet him.
F: calm
A: online date when inspired, live my life, open energy, make eye contact, be open to it happening anyplace/anytime
R: I meet my soulmate

Now…where I get stuck is what to do to get here to live my life from the After model. Does is just come down to practicing the new thought/feeling and taking those actions? What am I missing?