Beginner-not sure where to focus

Hi Brooke,
I am excited to start and nervous and scared and wondering if I’m going to follow through…I’m not so good with that…consistency really which is probably why I’m not where I want to be in my life, career, personal development etc. Anyway, I have several questions. I’m not sure that the questions are supposed to be in “novel format,” because this is going to be pretty long, but here it goes. I know you have said at the beginning to focus on one thing-weight loss, career, overdrinking, etc. I’m struggling to narrow that down because I know I have to work on my overeating. I am most definitely an emotional eater and I know I have to get that under wraps because this process is undoubtedly going to unearth all sorts of heavy stuff that I am going to want to eat my way through. See, but not I’m not overweight, but not at my ideal weight either-because I overeat and have struggled to reach my ideal weight since the birth of second child 8 years ago. So, I know emotional eating definitely needs my attention. The struggle comes in because even as I write this I’m thinking about how it’s going to be perceived. Is Brooke going to think I sound dumb, am I going to be cast to the back of the class because I don’t sound as intelligent as some of the other students I’m sure she’s going to have, should I even bother writing this question to begin with, etc.?? Even though I don’t know exactly what I am describing in the last few sentences (self-conscious, low self-esteem??) I KNOW it’s a major problem that I have allowed to hold me back for the better part of adult life now. I try to think back to when that shifted because I was not always like that. I used to be very outgoing, would sit and eat lunch with anyone, anytime-now the thought of that drains me and makes me dread the inevitable awkwardness that would accompany eating with people I barely knew. I hold back a lot now, especially in my professional life, well also in my personal life now that I think about it, because of fear of criticism or not being liked. I feel like this has take over my life and rules it. Like I said before, I haven’t always been like this and I think knowing that is the hardest part sometimes. I thought as I got older I would be more confident and the opposite has seemed to occur. Anyway, I hope you can pull the questions I was trying to ask out of there. Please let me know if you need clarification in order to be able to answer. Also, I signed up late January and have not received my box yet. Once I receive it, am I to just start on that day’s worth of materials? I apologize for the rambling, run-on sentences…I just wanted to get all my thoughts out. This turned out be more of a thought download…I’m sure you’ll be able to appreciate that! Thank you!