Beginner’s Question in Creating a Stop Overeating Protocol — Re: No Sugar / No Flour


I am starting the Stop Overeating Program. I have done the Whole 30 program before where they recommend to go 30 days without any artificial sugar / processed foods / flour — It’s very similar to Brooke’s “No Sugar / No Flour” program, but I think that Whole 30 is even more “restrictive” … (Yes, that’s my T about the Whole 30 protocol. haha)

My question is — In order to re-balance my hormone levels (Insulin, Ghrelin, Leptin)…. Do I need to cut out sugar and flour completely at the beginning?

My understanding is that we can have (in fact, it is almost recommended) to have an exception protocol weekly…. to create a sustainable and enjoyable protocol (rather than a diet) that fits in with my lifestyle.

So, will I be able to balance out my hormone levels if I have foods with sugar once a week?

Brooke mentioned that it takes 2-6 weeks until a person becomes fat-adapted. But is that if they refrain from sugar and flour for the entirety of those 2 -6 weeks?

I may be answering my own question — but I think that I’ll only be able to know with protocol experimentation. And that the goal is to reduce insulin. So if I reduce sugar and flour, I am reducing insulin. And I can choose to reduce the amount of sugar and flour each week and then see how my body responds to that.

Please advise.