Behind on my monthly plan….

I set a montly plan to have photos done for my new website and complete 6 part coaching program- handouts and 6 videos this month.

I planned out the month, planned out each day, but am way behind. I got the photos done, solidified my program, wrote out all of the handouts and homework for it, have been doing daily instagram stories to share about my business, but I have not done the videos (that I had planned to be almost finished with at this point). I started them and realized my mic sucked so had to wait a couple of days for a new one to ship. Plus I am very uncomfortable in front of the camera and keep messing up, so have had to do sooo many takes.

I’m feeling like I over-planned with this, thinking it would take less time. But I’m also really working with productivity and keeping commitments to myself, so trying to strike that balance. I was being really hard on myself for not finishing them last week, which I know did not help. I’m wondering how you stay on plan without burning yourself out? Also when do you know you over-planned vs. not keeping commitments.