Behind the scenes filming video and workbooks

Hi Brooke,

Filming and where to look and remember what I want to teach: I LOVE your teaching style and feel it is very much in alignment with my style. As the great T.R. says, find a mentor and emulate the shit out of her (ok my words not his:). Anyway, I teach and coach all about conscious parenting.

I would love behind the scenes details about your filming process when teaching – where do you place your lights so your face has the right lighting. Do you script it/use a teleprompter or rough outline? I have a hard time managing where to look, staying on track, minimizing the umms and ya knows. My strength is problem solving/coaching/teaching live in the moment and drawing on my knowledge while thinking on my feet. This is how I’m most dynamic. However, sometimes I need to teach a tool or lesson and want to do it succinctly in less time. Any tips are GREATLY appreciated. (I have a Macbook pro…do you recommend I film with this rather than my iphone with a tripod. Do you recommend editing with imovie or something fancier?)

Workbooks – I LOVE LOVE LOVE the workbooks and journaling prompts in this course. My fave. I incorporate a lot of thought shifting work to help my parents be able to actually remember where the tools are in the file room within their brains to be able to use the parenting tools I teach. Journaling and thought downloads have to become a real thing in my programs. Any tips on how I can get workbooks designed like yours is greatly appreciated.

Right now I am focused on an in person biz. I just opened a great workshop space here in Houston…massive action baby. Love you and this course.