Good Morning,
I watched Brooke’s webinar replay regarding Certification. I know there isn’t a formal application process or interview; however, what guidance would you give to someone who:
1. Loves their current career and feels there is more to be done before I leave
2. Makes great money at said career and
3. LOVES coaching and sees great benefit – went to CoachU in 1999, graduated from MBI in 2017
4. HATES the thought of marketing/funnels/FB ads/opt in, etc
5.Naturally coaches as part of role as Administrator
6. LOVES to take classes and study myself

I have been toying for some time with attending LCS because having been in the world of life coaching since 1999, I feel it is the best coaching school out there. However, it is quite a bit of money for something I’m obviously ambivalent about and have been for quite some time.I am very good at coaching myself on pretty much everything but I seem to be stuck in this one area.