Being a Good Employee Podcast

I just listened to Podcast #207 ” Being a Good Employee.”

I’m coming up against all kinds of thoughts with the information presented. I am a project manager for a manufacturing company. I’m currently between projects with no new project currently available to me. I’m struggling to see how I can add value let alone exceptional value when there’s no project for me to work on. That being said, while doing the thought work I heard my brain say that I could ask my boss if he needs help with anything. I have a lot of resistance to “doing his job.” I’m currently the lowest paid PM (by half) and a big goal for me it to meet my peers income.

In addition to this, I’ve been procrastinating study for a profession certification that I need for work. I have the books and the training materials but they literally collect dust. Should that be my main focus before I even start looking around for extra work?

Any suggestions on how to model and start working through this situation? I have changed companies three times and find myself exactly in the same place eventually so I know that it’s all a result of my thinking.