Being a Leader

Hi Brooke,

I was hoping to get more clarity on my thoughts around being leader. The circumstance that brought it to my attention was having an intern shadow me at work. I noticed myself anxious when trying to teach her and worried she would see I didn’t fully understand the subject. I was also uncomfortable telling her what to do when to be where etc.

I did a thought download and found the thought “I don’t like people depending on me.” I believe people know better than I do what they should do. This is true but I get anxious when they come to me seeking guidance, my thought is some version of I don’t know if this will work for you. Or with friends I get uncomfortable if I have to be the one that picks the restaurant or the activity, I’m usually thinking “I don’t know if they’ll like it, what if it’s the wrong choice.”

My Models:
C Intern
T I don’t like people depending on me
F: Anxious
A: ?? push people away
R: not show up as a leader

C: intern
T: ??I can offer guidance and my knowledge but I can’t control how people use it/hear it
F: Confident
A: Share my thoughts and opinions
R: show up as an expert, leader

Do you think these models have picked out the main belief/thought I have about being a leader, I feel like I’m still missing something? I’m building a coaching business and this isn’s going to work; I can’t be an entrepreneur and be afraid of leading my clients, be the CEO of my business.