Being a mom and having a business

I have limiting thoughts about me, my time and my business.
I think that I have a very limited amount of time to work on my business. And that I don’t have the support system I need to focus on my business. What I mean here, is that when my kids are sick, I’m the one taking care of them. So I have the thought “they are home, I can’t work and it’s unfair.”
I know that hundreds of women are in the same situation and make it work. They are able to consistently work on their business even when their kids are sick. So why am I not capable of thinking the same thing? It drives me nuts.
For example, the past 2 weeks, my daughters were sick. So they couldn’t go to school. And I made it means “ok, you don’t have the time to do anything for your business.” Then I get frustrated, self pitying, feeling like a victim when I know I’m the one creating that situation.
I would love to be coached on that if possible! 🙂