being an introvert

I want to be an entrepreneur. Something is holding me back and I cant seem to figure it out. I have a really really hard time with this because I have no clue where to start or even what I want to do. All I know is I want to help people manage their mind to get healthier. Specifically I dont know. There a bunch of things I could try to go with but I know Brooke says to pick something and stick with it. That is just not sitting with me ive tried for a couple years now. I have a health coaching certification with the Institute of integrative nutrition. I know I have to put in the work and im ready for it but I have no clue where to start. My plan right now has just been to post good pictures with good captions on social media. I dont know how else to get out there. Unfortunately I am an introvert and have a very hard time just randomly walking into places or talking to people. I know I could push myself but really where do I start? I have a certification to do health coaching and teach yoga which I really want to incorporate in my coaching along with holistic medicine because I love doterra essential oils and what they helped with in my life. This month has helped me see that my purpose is really to do coaching but what type im just not sure where to start…what is the process on getting clients besides social media is it just advertising flyers in boutiques and coffee shops word of mouth through my family and friends. i talk to people on Skype in my home…i dont have money to have an office. do I do yoga at other peoples homes? is that safe ? how do I break out of this introvert shell to be more outgoing and happy. Im so shy when i post stuff and not confident in myself enough the little things that I do post are so lame. its so hard for me to do it to the point where I question if this is what I want to do. A lot of times I dread making myself post things but now that i think about it and write this I guess most of the time im actually really glad I did post it. I feel like I am throwing a pity party but im just stuck in a rut and running out of money. I have all these certification and dont know where to start. I’m 29 years old. Own a home and live alone. Id like to have a coach but I work a 40+ hour job so time is limited and building a business will be a slow process. which is ok to me because I have bills that need to be paid. i want to feel comfortable and secure with the starting of a business before I drop my job. Any recommendations or suggestions resources are so greatly appreciated. I looked through Brookes coaches and I dont think I seen and “business building” coaches.