Being Confident and Curious

Hi, I signed up for certification and am new to SCS. I’m trying to put the below into a simplified model and could use some help:
I was watching a past coaching call from January (Thoughts about yourself seemed like the best topic for me to start with because I was overwhelmed at where to start) and something that was said brought a subconscious thought/belief to the surface, “you can’t be curious and confident at the same time.” When I think of being confident and what it feels like, it feels unstoppable like a soldier going into battle–defenses up while charging. There is nothing wrong with this thought. From the right perspective, it could be a very empowering thought. However, I also feel as if I’m not open to others–for ideas, feedback, collaboration, compromise, etc. I want to maintain curiosity but be confident and decisive at the same time. I understand that this is all situational based on my thought of thinking of past experiences. I’ve grown and changed a lot since then and am grateful that I was able to learn from that experience. Each time I try to be confident and curious at the same time, the thought cycle begins again and make me feel meek and incompetent. So then I start doing models and move from thought to thought spinning. I feel like I’m right on the edge of getting my AHA! moment on this, but need a little coaching.

Thought Cycle:
You can’t be confident and curious at the same time
Confidence and curiosity are situational, like a leader who consults with others (curiosity) but then ultimately is the one who makes a decision (confidence)
How will this affect your future coaching business since you need confidence to gain and maintain momentum but not become blind and overconfident?
You were given feedback about overconfidence in the past so you know what it looks and feels like.
But did I really learn my lesson? When Brooke talks about self-beliefs and choosing to decide, I decide confidence and then circle back here.
My nature feels double-natured–like fire (confidence) and water (curiosity/openness).

Initial Model
C: Watching SCS call playback
T: You can’t be confident and curious at the same time
F: Meek, incompetent, unworthy, self-doubt
A: Continue to have an internal battle
R: Thought cycle repeats

Intentional Model
C: Same as above
T: ???
F: Balanced, genuine, uplifting
A: Help others uplift and empower themselves, do the same for myself
R: Momentum in any goal I choose to work on