Being good enough

I am studying the podcast 176 – I am not good enough study podcast for ‘How to Live Your Purpose’ course.
I am working on my tendency of comparing myself with others who are more successful, or have a more comfortable life. I am aware my parents often like to compare me to other people my age, which often makes me feel stressed and un-valued. As I work through the thoughts that my parents do that as a habit, and are not intentionally trying to hurt me, I feel better. I am trying to think that I am good enough and worthy no matter what, so I wouldn’t feel affected by what my parents say about me.

However, I find this concept contradicting to the whole idea of me doing self-coaching courses. I joined to become a better self, make more money and be more successful. How can I believe I am good enough and yet feel there are so many problems and issues that I need to work on about myself?  I want to live a better and more comfortable life, which I don’t think I have.