Being Loving and Leaving Relationships

I recently ended a relationship because my significant other and his social circle engaged in recreational activities that I did not agree with. I feel confident in my decision to end this relationship, but am having a hard time seeing reconciling ending the relationships relationship and limiting my time with his social circle with being a loving person. I definitely felt non-accepting and judgmental when they engaged in these activities, because I was thinking judgmental and non-loving thoughts.

Something I would like some help figuring out is how to balance being accepting and nonjudgmental towards others and their behaviors while at the same time choosing not to have relationships with them and/or limiting my time with them. My goal is to have meaningful, healthy relationships with others, and it just seems contrary to that goal to choose NOT to have relationships with others because of how they behave. Am I just being judgmental and standing in the way of my relationships?

Looking forward to the insight! Thank you!