Being more specific with R line

I’d like to start with what I learned because I was super proud of the learning moment, but want to make sure I got it… I was struggling with the model and my new R line of Entrepreneur. To understand it better, I added something I already am to the R line: mom.

We all know what actions you take to be a mother (wink wink), I knew the feelings I got from the idea of being a mother… etc.

Total light-bulb moment!

Then I placed Entrepreneur back in the R line and a feeling of overwhelm circled me. Its too vague. I haven’t learned how to narrow down the choices out there, where does the start-up money come from… on and on. This is where I implemented a thought download. This only worked for a few days… Where can I go from here? Should I continue to do thought downloads until I believe in myself to learn a skill/craft/business?