Being Present

Would “being present” be a circumstance? I have been exploring my future self. The one who already has a million dollars, the amazing body, the gorgeous home, the happy family. What I found fascinating is she is so present and relaxed because she has everything she wants and is taking action towards her new goals.

She sets her goals, plans and follows through, trusts the process and enjoys the journey.

I’ve been exploring with being present and noticed as soon as I still myself I have a wave of thoughts – I need, I should, I wonder etc. These send me back into doing or figuring and worrying about the future or thinking about the past.

I would love to be so comfortable feeling present.

C Being Present
T “I should ____” or “ I need to ______” or “ I wonder_____”
F worry or anxious
A take action, look at phone, budget, “figure out”. Don’t stay in the present moment, enjoying, relaxing.
R I take myself out of being present?

I’ve created an intentional model.

C Being Present
T My brain will offer me thoughts
F Aware
A notice the thoughts flowing by and choose to believe or take action from them. Be disciplined and mindful of where I choose to focus my attention
R practice and get better at learning the skill of presence.

Any suggestions would be great. Thank you.